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2015-09-29 Leviticus 27
Fraser Munro 4.4/53MB
2015-09-22 Leviticus 26
Bert Cargill 4.8/57MB
2015-09-08 Leviticus 25
Herbert Brooks 5.2/63MB
2015-09-01 Leviticus 24
Stephen Whitmore 5.1/62MB
2015-08-25 The Feasts of the Lord
Fraser Munro 5.3/64MB
2015-08-18 Leviticus 21, 22
Simon Sherwin 5.3/64MB
2015-08-11 Leviticus 19
Alan Lockhart 6.3/75MB
2015-08-04 Eating Meat
Stephen Whitmore 5.2/63MB
2015-07-28 The Day of Atonment
Simon Sherwin 5.9/70MB
2015-06-23 Unclanness and Purification
Bert Cargill 4.4/53MB
2015-06-16 Cleansing the Leper
Fraser Munro 5.3/63MB
2015-06-09 Recognition of Leprosy
Simon Sherwin 5.0/60MB
2015-06-02 Holiness and Uncleanness
Colin Hutchison 4.2/50MB
2015-05-26 Food for the People
Stephen Whitmore 5.0/60MB
2015-05-19 Nadab and Abihu
Simon Sherwin 4.9/59MB
2015-05-12 The Consecration of the Priests (8th Day)
Stephen Whitmore 5.2/63MB
2015-05-04 The Consecration of the Priests
Joe Chalmers 6.0/72MB
2015-04-28 The Law of the Offerings(2)
Andrew de Ville 5.5/66MB
2015-04-21 The Law of the Offerings
Bert Cargill 4.5/54MB
2015-04-14 The Trespass Offering
Simon Sherwin 5.8/69MB
2015-04-07 The Sin Offering
Stephen Whitmore 5.4/65MB
2015-03-31 The Peace Offering
Fraser Munro 4.9/58MB
2015-03-24 The Meat Offering
Robert Gordon 5.6/67MB
2015-03-17 The Burnt Offering Simon Sherwin 5.1/61MB