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2018-01-21 Death or Life?
Stephen Whitmore 3.8MB/46MB
2018-01-14 Romans 6
Simon Sherwin 4.5MB/54MB
2018-01-07 The Wise Men
Stephen Whitmore 3.9MB/47MB
2017-12-10 is it nothing to you?
Simon Sherwin 3.5MB/43MB
2017-12-03 Come
Mike Powlseland 4.6MB/55MB
2017-11-26 Three Men Who met Christ
Bert Cargill 4.2MB/50MB
2017-11-19 Righteousness, Self-Control, Judgement
Stephen Whitmore 4.2MB/50MB
2017-11-12 Remember
Simon Sherwin 4.3MB/52MB
2017-11-05 Incorruptible
Robert Muir 4.2MB/50MB
2017-10-29 Certainty of Eternal Life
Stephen Whitmore 4.0MB/48MB
2017-10-22 Philip and the Ethiopian
Jonny Blair 3.9MB/47MB
2017-10-15 Are You Going to Heaven?
George Baird 3.4MB/40MB
2017-10-08 Are You Ready for Death?
Graeme Lamont 4.2MB/50MB
2017-10-01 In a Moment
Scott Brooks 4.0MB/48MB
2017-09-24 The Godhead Unite in Salvation
Joe Baxter 3.9MB/46MB
2017-09-17 The Coming of the Lord
Ken Sherwin 4.5MB/54MB
2017-09-10 David's Forgiveness
Simon Sherwin 3.4MB/41MB
2017-09-03 Whom I have Believed
Stephen Whitmore 3.8MB/46MB
2017-08-06 Exceptions to the Gospel
Stephen Whitmore 4.1MB/49MB
2017-07-30 The Man at the Beautiful Gate
Graham Maze 4.2MB/50MB
2017-07-23 You Must be Born Again
Simon Sherwin 3.7MB/44MB
2017-07-16 A Great Salvation
Stephen Whitmore 4.1MB/49MB
2017-07-09 What is Sin?
Paul Herderson 5.4MB/64MB
2017-07-02 Mighty to Save
Simon Sherwin 3.6MB/43MB
2017-06-25 Two Centurions
Herbert Brooks 4.1MB/50MB
2017-06-11 Times of God's Call
George Baird 2.8MB/33MB
2017-06-04 God Our Saviour
David Henderson 4.0MB/48MB
2017-05-28 The Door to Heaven
Raymond McGahie 4.3MB/52MB
2017-05-21 So Great Salvation
Simon Sherwin 3.9MB/47MB
2017-05-14 Three Important Questions
Mark Munro 3.7MB/44MB
2017-04-07 The Storm and Legion
Lawrence Rollo 4.3MB/52MB
2017-04-30 Three Men Who Prayed
Nigel Colgan 4.0MB/48MB
2017-04-23 The Power of Christ
Stephen Whitmore 3.9MB/47MB
2017-04-16 The Resurrection of Christ
Simon Sherwin 4.3MB/52MB
2017-04-09 The Living One Who became Dead
Graham Stannard 3.5MB/42MB
2017-04-02 The Gospel of Christ
Stephen Whitmore 4.2MB/51MB
2017-03-26 A Binary Choice
Tom Stephen 3.9MB/47B
2017-03-19 You will not come
Simon Sherwin 4.7MB/56MB
2017-03-12 God's Final Word
Stephen Whitmore 3.8MB/46MB
2017-03-05 Last Chances
Simon Sherwin 4.7MB/57MB
2017-02-26 The Woman with an Issue of Blood
Gareth Edwards 4.0MB/48MB
2017-02-19 Jairus' Daughter
Adrian Ferguson 4.4MB/53MB
2017-02-12 Look unto Me
Stephen Whitmore 3.5MB/43MB
2017-02-05 Psalm 95
Simon Sherwin 4.4MB/53MB
2017-01-29 Psalm 23
George Baird 3.0MB/36MB
2017-01-22 The Man at the Beautiful Gate
Alan Lockhart 4.6MB/55MB
2017-01-15 God Sent His Son
Stephen Whitmore 3.8MB/45MB
2017-01-08 The Ethiopian
Simon Sherwin 4.9MB/58MB
2017-01-01 Two Ways, What is your Choice?
Cameron Piper/Ian McLean 5.7MB/69MB
2016-12-11 Habakkuk 3
Simon Sherwin 4.3MB/51MB
2016-12-04 Esau and Jacob
Stephen Whitmore 3.6MB/43MB
2016-11-27 This Man...One Sacrifice
Matthew Smith 4.0MB/48MB
2016-11-13 Man's Ruin, God's Remedy, Man's Responsiblity
Daniel Johnston 4.6MB/56MB
2016-11-06 Psalm 130
Simon Sherwin 4.6MB/56MB
2016-10-30 Banished not Expelled
Stephen Marshall 3.2MB/39MB
2016-10-23 A Great Day Coming
Joe Chalmers 3.8MB/46MB
2016-10-09 No Greater Love
Graeme Lamont 4.1MB/49MB
2016-10-09 Happiness
Robert Thompson 4.5MB/54MB
2016-10-02 The Lord and the Pharisees
Ken Sherwin 5.0MB/60MB
2016-09-25 A Choice we must Make
Stephen Whitmore 4.1MB/50MB
2016-09-18 Mephibosheth
Roy Marshall 4.5MB/54MB
2016-09-04 Cleansing from Sin
Graham Baxter 4.1MB/50MB
2016-08-28 Night Scenes of scripture
Iain McLean 3.8MB/47MB
2016-08-21 Salvation
Alan Stapley 3.3MB/40MB
2016-08-14 What the Law cannot do
Stephen Whitmore 4.0MB/48MB
2016-08-07 The Paralysed Man
Simon Sherwin 3.8MB/46MB
2016-07-31 Whosoever shall call..shall be saved
Willie Barr 4.3MB/52MB
2016-07-24 By Grace are ye Saved
Stephen Whitmore 4.0MB/48MB
2016-07-17 The House of God
Simon Sherwin 4.4MB/53MB
2016-07-10 Time
Sandy Laing 4.0MB/48MB
2016-07-03 How Long?
Stephen Whitmore 4.1MB/49MB
2016-06-26 What shall it Profit
George Baird 3.1MB/37MB
2016-06-19 Except ye Repent
Simon Sherwin 3.7MB/44MB
2016-06-12 The Work of God
Stephen Whitmore 3.9MB/47MB
2016-06-05 They found Him Not
Ken Sherwin 5.3MB/63MB
2016-05-29 Born Again by the Word of God
Robert Muir 3.8MB/46MB
2016-05-22 In Whom we have Redemption
Simon Sherwin 4.0MB/48MB
2016-05-17 The Brasen Serpent
Gareth Houston 2.3MB/28MB
2016-05-08 Justified?
Stephen Whitmore 4.2MB/50MB
2016-05-01 Whosoever shalll call...shall be saved
Blair Martin 4.1MB/49MB
2016-04-24 Psalm 146
Mark Smith 4.5MB/54MB
2016-04-17 Naaman
Graham Maze 4.7MB/54MB
2016-04-10 The Courtroom of God
Simon Sherwin 4.3MB/40MB
2016-04-03 The Woman with the Issue of Blood
Stephen Sherwin 5.5MB/48MB
2016-03-27 Lives Transformed by the Resurrection
Stephen Whitmore 4.1MB/38MB
2016-03-20 Follow Me
Simon Sherwin 4.8MB/45MB
2016-03-13 Jesus Christ - Where? Why? What?
Dan Bennett 4.3MB/40MB
2016-03-06 Sin and its Judgement
Ken Sherwin 5.6MB/40MB
2016-02-28 Is everything all right?
Jonny Blair 3.8MB/46MB
2016-02-21 Why is there so much trouble?
Simon Sherwin 3.9MB/47MB
2016-02-14 John 3 verse 16
Stuart McGahie 3.8MB/46MB
2016-02-07 Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God
Stephen Whitmore 4.4MB/53MB
2016-01-31 Isaiah 61
Simon Sherwin 4.8MB/57MB
2016-01-24 Repent and Believe
Stephen Whitmore 3.9MB/47MB
2016-01-17 Mars Hill
Simon Sherwin 4.1MB/49MB
2016-01-10 What shall I do with Jesus
Herbert Brooks 4.3MB/52MB
2016-01-03 Death and Life
Stephen Whitmore 3.5MB/42MB
2015-12-27 The Cross of Christ
George Baird 3.6MB/43MB
2015-12-20 Christ Miss
Adrian Ferguson 3.7MB/45MB
2015-12-13 Seven Men who missed out in Heaven
Fraser Munro 4.3MB/51MB
2015-12-06 What is Hell?
Simon Sherwin 3.9MB/46MB
2015-11-29 Are you a Christian?
Bert Cargill 4.1MB/50MB
2015-11-22 The Ten Virgins
David Henderson 4.1MB/49MB
2015-11-15 The House of Cornelius
Stephen Whitmore 3.8MB/46MB
2015-11-08 The Call of God
Andrew de Ville 4.3MB/52MB
2015-11-01 The Man at the Beautiful Gate
Simon Sherwin 3.9MB/47MB
2015-10-25 The Strait Gate
Stephen Whitmore 3.7MB/44MB
2015-10-18 From Syria to Europe
Graeme Lamont 4.4MB/53MB
2015-10-11 I am the Way
Simon Sherwin 3.5MB/42MB
2015-10-04 The Synagogue at Nazareth
Michael Powseland 3.9MB/47MB
2015-09-27 The Great White Throne
Scott Brooks 4.0MB/48MB
2015-09-20 Unique Words
Gaareth Edwards 3.5MB/42MB
2015-09-13 Characteristics of God
Ken Sherwin 4.4MB/53MB
2015-0906 Christ Jesus the Saviour
George Baird 2.5MB/29MB
2015-08-30 Today, Tonight, Tomorrow
Stephen Whitmore 3.7MB/45MB
2015-08-23 It is Time to Seek the Lord
Simon Sherwin 3.6MB/43MB
2015-08-16 What is a Christian?
Godon Miller 4.2MB/50MB
2015-08-09 Two Men
Stephen Whitmore 3.8MB/45MB
2015-08-02 The Marriage Supper
Simon Sherwin 3.8MB/45MB
2015-07-26 Bartimaeus
Stephen Whitmore 3.7MB/45MB
2015-07-19 Supper at Bethany
Simon Sherwin 4.5MB/55MB
2015-07-12 Time
Sandy Laing 4.0MB/48MB
2015-07-05 Three Trees
Alasdair Baijal 4.3MB/52MB
2015-06-28 Who is Christ
Raymond McGahie 4.0MB/48MB
2015-06-14 The Choice we Have to Make
Stephen Whitmore 3.5MB/42MB
2015-06-07 Two Ways
Simon Sherwin
2015-05-31 Banished not Expelled
Stephen Whitmore 3.9MB/47MB
2015-05-24 Isaiah 53:5
Simon Sherwin
2015-05-17 The Defence of Paul
Lawrence Rollo 4.2MB/50MB
2015-05-10 At the Gate Beautiful
Alan Lockhart 4.8MB/57MB
2015-05-03 Come unto Me
Stephen Whitmore 3.6MB/43MB
2015-04-26 Who is Jesus Christ
George Baird 2.7MB/32MB
2015-04-19 A Way that Seems Right
Simon Sherwin 3.5MB/42MB
2015-04-12 The Gospel
Tom Stephen 3.9MB/47MB
2015-04-05 The Emmaus Road
Roy Marshall 3.5MB/41MB
2015-03-22 Adam or Christ
Stephen Whitmore 3.9MB/47MB
2015-03-15 The Real Gospel
Simon Sherwin 3.9MB/46MB
2015-03-08 Deliverance from the Fear of Death
Stephen Whitmore 3.9MB/46MB
2015-02-22 The Rent Vail
Stephen Whitmore 4.2MB/52MB
2015-02-15 Walking on Water
Peter Brandon 4.7MB/57MB
2015-02-08 A Faithful Saying
Mark Smith 3.5MB/42MB
2015-02-01 Acts 13:38-41
Stephen Marshall 3.2MB/39MB
2015-01-25 Sin, Death and Eternal Life
Simon Sherwin 3.8MB/45MB
2015-01-11 God our Saviour
Robert Thompson 3.9MB/47MB
2015-01-04 The Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ
Stephen Whitmore 3.4MB/41MB
2014-12-28 The Place where Jesus was Crucified
Blesson Varghese 4.6MB/55MB
2014-12-21 Christmas Peace
Fraser Munro 3.6MB/43MB
2014-12-14 It is Time to seek the Lord
Simon Sherwin 3.9MB/47MB
2014-12-07 The Goood Samaritan
Stephen Whitmore 3.8MB/45MB
2014-11-30 Two Ways
Andrew Millar 3.0MB/36MB
2014-11-23 The Lamb of God
Bert Cargill 4.4MB/53MB
2014-11-16 The Horrible Pit
Simon Sherwin 4.5MB/54MB
2014-11-09 The Gospel
George Baird 2.9MB/35MB
2014-11-02 The Gospel of Glory
Stephen Whitmore 3.9MB/47MB
2014-10-26 John 3:16
Simon Sherwin 4.5MB/54MB
2014-10-19 Life-s Greatest Choice
Graeme Lamont 4.1MB/49MB
2014-10-12 Psalm 139
Graham Baxter 4.5MB/54MB
2014-10-05 The Paralysed Man
Jonny Blair 4.4MB/53MB
2014-09-28 The Value of a Soul
Daniel Johnston 4.6MB/56MB
2014-09-21 Behold the Lamb of God
Stephen Whitmore 4.3MB/51MB
2014-09-14 Living Water
David Henderson 3.8MB/46MB
2014-09-07 Christ Suffered for Sins
Simon Sherwin 3.9MB/46MB
2014-09-04 It is Finished
Blair Martin 3.7MB/46MB
2014-09-03 The Dying Thief
Blair Martin 3.9MB/44MB
2014-09-01 What shall I do with Jesus?
Blair Martin 4.1MB/49MB
2014-08-28 We must be Saved
Blair Martin 4.3MB/51MB
2014-08-27 The Way to Heaven
Blair Martin 4.2MB/51MB
2014-08-26 Whosoever .. call upon .. the Lord .. be Saved
Blair Martin 4.2MB/51MB
2014-08-25 Able and Willing to Save
Blair Martin 4.3MB/51MB
2014-08-24 How shall we Escape?
Blair Martin 4.6MB/56MB
2014-08-17 The Harvest is Passing
Stephen Whitmore 3.8MB/46MB
2014-08-10 Saul of Tarsus
Robert Muir 3.7MB/44MB
2014-08-03 Drawing Near to Him
Joe Chalmers 4.7MB/56MB
2014-07-27 The Serpent on the Pole
Matthew Smith 4.0MB/48MB
2014-07-06 Saul's Conversion
Simon Sherwin 4.0MB/48MB
2014-06-29 Romans 10:9
Stephen Whitmore 3.7MB/44MB
2014-06-15 The Ethiopian
Danny Nicholson 4.5MB/55MB
2014-06-08 Life in Christ
Simon Sherwin 4.7MB/56MB
2014-06-01 The Sower
Tommy Duffy 5.4MB/65MB
2014-05-25 The Greatest Crisis
Stephen Whitmore 4.0MB/48MB
2014-05-18 Preach the Gospel
Fraser Munro 3.9MB/46MB
2014-05-11 Thessalonica
Andrew de Ville 4.1MB/49MB
2014-05-04 After This
Simon Sherwin 3.6MB/43MB
2014-04-27 Paul at Philippi
Gordon Miller 3.7MB/44MB
2014-04-20 The Living One
Stephen Whitmore 3.5MB/42MB
2014-04-13 Heart Check
Simon Sherwin 4.4MB/52MB
2014-03-30 The Triumph of the Cross
Tommy Duffy 4.5MB/54MB
2014-03-16 The Unspeakable Gift
Willie Barr 4.1MB/50MB
2014-03-09 The Fiery Serpents
Simon Sherwin 4.3MB/51MB
2014-03-02 Meeting God
Stephen Whitmore 3.9MB/46MB
2014-02-23 Gave to Redeem
John Wright 4.2MB/50MB
2014-02-16 The Way
George Hutchison 3.5MB/42MB
2014-02-09 Goodness, Mercy, Truth
Mark Munro 3.3MB/39MB
2014-02-02 John 9
Simon Sherwin 4.2MB/50MB
2014-01-26 Ten Lepers
Adrian Ferguson 4.5MB/54MB
2014-01-19 Great Days
Herbert Brooks 4.1MB/49MB
2014-01-12 A Happy New Year
Blair Martin 4.0MB/48MB
2014-01-05 Where art Thou
Stephen Whitmore 4.0MB/48MB
2013-12-29 We are not Saved
Ken Sherwin 4.7MB/56MB
2013-12-15 The Work of the Spirit
Mark Smith 4.3MB/51MB
2013-12-08 Five Conversions
Bert Cargill 4.5MB/54MB
2013-12-01 Appointment with God
Tommy Duffy 4.8MB/57MB
2013-11-24 Remember Lot's Wife
Simon Sherwin 3.8MB/45MB
2013-11-17 The Beautiful Gate
Stephen Whitmore 3.8MB/46MB
2013-11-10 Four Costly Mistakes
Raymond McGahe 4.2MB/54MB
2013-11-03 Discipleship
Tommy Duffy 5.2MB/62MB
2013-10-27 Mephibosheth
Scott Brooks 3.7MB/44MB
2013-10-20 Nicodemus
Simon Sherwin 4.2MB/50MB
2013-10-13 One Sacrifice
Stephen Whitmore 3.6MB/43MB
2013-10-06 Romans 10:21
Roy Marshall 4.3MB/51MB
2013-09-29 So Great Salvation
Simon Sherwin 3.9MB/47MB
2013-09-22 How Do I Receive Christ?
Peter Brandon 4.4MB/53MB
2013-09-15 Saved by Grace
Stephen Whitmore 3.8MB/46MB
2013-09-08 The Gospel in 3D
Gareth Edwards 3.6MB/43MB
2013-09-01 Sight for the Blind
Alan Lockhart 4.1MB/49MB
2013-08-18 1 Timothy 1:15
Tommy Duffy 4.3MB/51MB
2013-08-11 Not I but Christ
Stephen Whitmore 3.6MB/43MB
2013-08-04 Christian Hope
Simon Sherwin 4.6MB/55MB
2013-07-28 As for ... David Henderson 3.5MB/42MB
2013-07-21 Who Gave Himself for our Sins Graeme Lamont 4.4MB/53MB
2013-07-14 God has Spoken Robert Houston 3.8MB/46MB
2013-07-07 That Rock is Christ Tommy Duffy 4.6MB/56MB