Bible Teaching

Recordings of Teaching on the Life of Jacob




MP3 File

2011-02-22 Genesis 50 Herbert Brooks 5.5MB
2011-02-15 Genesis 49 Fraser Munro 5.5MB
2011-02-08 Jacob in Egypt Ron Salter 5.3MB
2011-02-01 Genesis 46 Stephen Whitmore 4.9MB
2011-01-25 Genesis 45 Simon Sherwin 5.2MB
2011-01-18 The Return to Egypt Tei Jones 5.5MB
2011-01-11 The Brothers in Egypt Bert Cargill 4.3MB
2011-01-04 Joseph in the Palace Stephen Whitmore 5.5MB
2010-12-21 Joseph in Prison Simon Sherwin 5.1MB
2010-12-14 Potiphar's House Fraser Munro 4.3MB
2010-12-07 Joseph's Youth Alan Lockhart 6.0MB
2010-11-23 The Reconciliation Andrew deVille 4.7MB
2010-11-16 The Reconciliation Stephen Whitmore 5.7MB
2010-11-02 Jacob leaves Laban Ron Salter 6.0MB
2010-10-26 Jacob and Laban Simon Sherwin 6.0MB
2010-10-19 Genesis 28 Bert Cargill 5.0MB
2010-10-05 The Blessing Fraser Munro 5.2MB
2010-09-28 The Birth and the Birthright Stephen Whitmore 5.8MB