Bible Teaching

Recordings of Teaching on the Beginnings of History as recorded in Genesis




MP3 File

2009-12-15 Isaac and Rebekah Simon Sherwin 5.4MB
2009-12-08 A Bride for Isaac Stephen Whitmore 5.7MB
2009-12-01 Genesis 23 Fraser Munro 4.8MB
2009-11-24 Genesis 22 Andrew de Ville 5.6MB
2009-11-17 Isaac and Ishmael Bert Cargill 5.2MB
2009-11-10 Abraham and Abimelech Stephen Whitmore 3.4MB
2009-11-03 Sodom and Gomorrah Simon Sherwin 5.8MB
2009-10-27 The Heavenly Visitors John Bennett 7.3MB
2009-10-20 The Promise of Isaac Walter Blair 4.5MB
2009-10-13 The Birth of Ishmael Stephen Whitmore 3.9MB
2009-09-29 The Covenant Confirmed Alan Lockhart 6.9MB
2009-09-22 The Battle of the Kings Ron Salter 5.9MB
2009-09-15 Abram and Lot Colin Hutchison 4.2MB
2009-08-25 The Call of Abram Simon Sherwin 5.6MB
2009-08-18 Babel Bert Cargill 5.6MB
2009-07-28 Noah and the Flood Fraser Munro 5.1MB
2009-07-21 Enoch Stephen Whitmore 5.2MB
2009-07-14 Cain and Abel David Henderson 5.2MB
2009-07-07 Adam and the Fall Leonard Currie 5.0MB
2009-06-30 Creation Simon Sherwin 5.3MB