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2013-05-07 Meeting with the Lord Tei Jones 5.3MB/64MB
2013-04-30 Erecting the Tabernacle Fraser Munro 4.4MB/53MB
2013-04-09 Second Law Giving Ron Salter 4.9MB/59MB
2013-04-02 Outside the Camp Stephen Whitmore 4.9MB/59MB
2013-03-19 The Golden Calf Simon Sherwin 5.6MB/68MB
2013-03-12 The Sabbath Walter Blair 4.0MB/48MB
2013-03-05 The Workmen Stephen Whitmore 5.2MB/63MB
2013-02-19 The Anointing Oil and Incense Simon Sherwin 6.0MB/72MB
2013-02-12 The Atonement Money and the Laver Joe Chalmers 6.2MB/74MB
2013-02-05 The Altar of Incense Stephen Whitmore 5.2MB/62MB
2013-01-29 The Consecration of the Priests(2) Fraser Munro 4.9MB/59MB
2013-01-22 The Consecration of the Priests Fraser Munro 4.8MB/58MB
2013-01-15 The High Priest's Garments Simon Sherwin 6.0MB/72MB
2013-01-08 Priesthood and the Ephod Stephen Whitmore 4.9MB/59MB
2012-12-18 The Court of the Tabernacle Ron Salter 4.9MB/59MB
2012-11-13 The Veil Bert Cargill 4.3MB/52MB
2012-11-06 The Boards for the Tabernacle Simon Sherwin 4.8MB/58MB
2012-10-30 The Curtains and Coverings Colin Hutchison 4.6MB/56MB
2012-10-23 The Golden Lampstand Alan Lockhart 5.0MB/60MB
2012-10-16 The Table of Shewbread Fraser Munro 5.0MB/60MB
2012-10-09 The Ark and the Mercy Seat Stephen Whitmore 5.3MB/64MB
2012-10-02 Introduction to the Tabernacle Simon Sherwin 5.0MB/60MB
2012-02-28 The Mount of God Andrew deVille 4.5MB/54MB
2012-02-21 The Law of God Fraser Munro 4.9MB/58MB
2012-02-14 The Ten Commandments Colin Hutchison 4.3MB/52MB
2012-02-07 Sinai Ken Sherwin 5.2MB/62MB
2012-01-31 Moses and Jethro Bert Cargill 4.3MB/52MB
2012-01-24 Water, Warfare, Witness Teifion Jones 5.4MB/64MB
2012-01-17 Manna Prescribed Simon Sherwin 5.1MB/61MB
2012-01-10 Manna Given Herbert Brooks 5.1MB/61MB
2011-12-20 Marah Stephen Whitmore 4.9MB/59MB
2011-12-13 The Song of Moses John Wright 5.3MB/66MB
2011-12-06 The Red Sea Tommy Duffy 6.7MB/80MB
2011-11-29 Sanctification Simon Sherwin 4.8MB/58MB
2011-11-22 The Passover Night Fraser Munro 5.2MB/63MB
2011-11-15 The Passover Instructions Bert Cargill 4.5MB/56MB
2011-11-08 The Later Plagues Stephen Whitmore 5.6MB/67MB
2011-11-01 The Early Plagues Simon Sherwin 5.6MB/67MB
2011-10-25 Moses and Pharoah Ron Salter 5.4MB/65MB
2011-10-18 The Concerns of Moses Ken Sherwin 5.3MB/65MB
2011-10-11 The Call of Moses Stephen Whitmore 5.4MB/65MB
2011-10-04 The Early Life of Moses(part) Simon Sherwin 4.8MB/57MB