John's Gospel




MP3 File

2012-09-25 Peter's Recommission Andrew de Ville 4.8MB/57MB
2012-09-18 The Sea of Tiberias Tei Jones 4.7MB/57MB
2012-09-11 The Upper Room Appearings Gareth Edwards 5.3MB/64MB
2012-09-04 The Lord appears to Mary Stephen Whitmore 5.5MB/65MB
2012-08-28 The Resurrection Stuart McGahie 5.7MB/68MB
2012-08-21 The Burial Simon Sherwin 5.0MB/60MB
2012-08-14 The Crucifixion Fraser Munro 5.5MB/66MB
2012-07-31 Pilate's Judgment Hall Bert Cargill 4.1MB/49MB
2012-07-24 The High Priest's House Tommy Duffy 7.9MB/95MB
2012-07-17 Gethsemane Stephen Whitmore 5.1MB/61MB
2012-07-10 The Lord's Prayer for All Saints Simon Sherwin 5.8MB/69MB
2012-07-03 The Lord's Prayer for His Own John Wright 5.3MB/65MB
2012-06-26 The Lord's Prayer for Himself Alan Lockhart 4.8MB/58MB
2012-06-19 A Little While Ron Salter 5.6MB/67MB
2012-06-12 The World and the Spirit Bert Cargill 4.5MB/54MB
2012-06-05 Hostility in the World Stephen Whitmore 5.0MB/60MB
2012-05-29 Fulness of Joy and Love Simon Sherwin 6.3MB/75MB
2012-05-22 Abiding in Christ Fraser Munro 5.1MB/61MB
2012-05-15 The Comforter Tei Jones 5.5MB/66MB
2012-05-08 Power, Prayer and Paraclete Herbert Brooks 6.1MB/73MB
2012-05-01 The Equality of Father and Son Stephen Whitmore 5.1MB/62MB
2012-04-24 Betrayal and Denial foretold Simon Sherwin 5.7MB/68MB
2012-04-17 The Feet Washing Ron Salter 5.0MB/59MB
2012-04-10 The Final Challenge Walter Blair 5.9MB/71MB
2012-04-03 Entry into Jerusalem Stephen Whitmore 5.6MB/67MB
2012-03-27 Mary anoints the Lord Simon Sherwin 5.8MB/69MB
2011-09-20 The End of the Public Ministry Herbert Brooks 5.6MB
2011-09-13 The Raising of Lazarus Fraser Munro 4.8MB
2011-09-06 The Death of Lazarus Gareth Edwards 5.4MB
2011-08-23 Division among the Jews Tommy Duffy 5.8MB
2011-08-16 The Good Shepherd Bert Cargill 4.1MB
2011-08-09 Blinded Minds Stephen Whitmore 5.3MB
2011-08-02 The Pool of Siloam Simon Sherwin 5.5MB
2011-07-26 Who is Christ Tei Jones 4.7MB
2011-07-19 The Light of the World Ron Salter 5.3MB
2011-07-12 Never Man..Like Him Stephen Whitmore 6.0MB
2011-07-05 Discussion at the Feast of Tabernacles Simon Sherwin 4.2MB
2011-06-28 The Feast of Tabernacles Bert Cargill 4.6MB
2011-06-21 John 6:Disciples Desert Fraser Munro 4.3MB
2011-06-14 John 6:The Murmuring Alan Lockhart 5.9MB
2011-06-07 The Bread of Life Simon Sherwin 5.0MB
2011-05-31 The Sea of Tiberias Stephen Whitmore 5.7MB
2011-05-24 The Unity of the Godhead Colin Hutchison 4.4MB
2011-05-17 The Pool of Bethesda Colin Hutchison 4.6MB
2011-05-10 Harvest in Samaria Stuart McGahie 5.9MB
2011-05-03 The Samaritan Woman Simon Sherwin 6.2MB
2011-04-26 The Testimony of John Andrew deVille 4.8MB
2011-04-19 New Birth Alan Lockhart 5.9MB
2011-04-12 The First Passover Walter Blair 5.2MB
2011-04-05 The Wedding at Cana Fraser Munro 5.4MB
2011-03-22 The First Disciples Simon Sherwin 5.4MB
2011-03-15 The Witness of John Bert Cargill 4.9MB
2011-03-08 Introduction Stephen Whitmore 5.7MB