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2009-06-16 The Filling of the Spirit Stephen Whitmore 6.1MB
2009-06-09 The Fruit of the Spirit: Meekness and Temperance Simon Sherwin 5.3MB
2009-06-02 The Fruit of the Spirit: Faith Ron Salter 4.5MB
2009-05-26 The Fruit of the Spirit: Goodness Bert Cargill 5.4MB
2009-05-12 The Fruit of the Spirit: Longsuffering and Gentleness Stephen Whitmore 5.2MB
2009-05-05 The Fruit of the Spirit: Peace Simon Sherwin 5.3MB
2009-04-28 The Fruit of the Spirit: Joy Fraser Munro 5.2MB
2009-04-21 The Fruit of the Spirit: Love Herbert Brooks 4.8MB
2009-03-14 The Work of the Holy Spirit Stephen Whitmore 5.6MB
2009-03-31 The Person of the Holy Spirit Simon Sherwin 2.4MB
2009-02-24 The Resurrection of Christ Graham Burnett 5.8MB
2009-02-17 The Death of Christ Bert Cargill 5.7MB
2009-02-10 The Sufferings of Christ Simon Sherwin 5.9MB
2009-02-03 The Impeccability of Christ Colin Hutchison 4.8MB
2009-01-27 The Incarnation of Christ John Wright 5.6MB
2009-01-20 The Eternal Person of Christ Andrew de Ville 4.8MB
2009-01-13 The Character of God Stephen Whitmore 5.2MB
2009-01-06 The Attributes of God Fraser Munro 4.7MB
2008-12-23 Sanctification Ron Salter 4.9MB
2008-12-16 Priesthood of Believers Jack Hay 5.9MB
2008-12-09 Spiritual Gifts Fraser Munro 4.1MB
2008-12-02 The Body of Christ Tei Jones 5.6MB
2008-11-25 Leadership in the Assembly Stephen Whitmore 5.6MB
2008-11-18 The Role of Women Herbert Brooks 5.3MB
2008-11-11 The Lord's Supper Stephen Whitmore 5.9MB
2008-11-04 Baptism Alan Lockhart 5.3MB
2008-10-28 The Assembly of God Simon Sherwin 5.5MB
2008-10-21 Justification Colin Hutchison 4.1MB
2008-10-14 Redemption Bert Cargill 5.3MB
2008-10-07 Salvation Simon Sherwin 6.7MB