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2018-01-13 Death
Fraser Munro 5.8MB/70MB
2018-01-02 The Armour of God
Phil Coulson 6.2MB/74MB
2018-01-02 Marked Men
Bert Cargill 5.8MB/69MB
2018-01-02 Dorcas
Gareth Edwards 4.7MB/56MB
2017-12-09 Paul's Desires for Rome
Stephen Baker 6.5MB/78MB
2017-11-11 Revelation 4
Andrew de Ville 6.7MB/81MB
2017-10-14 Going Full-Time
Herbert Brooks 6.2MB/75MB
2017-04-25 The Bread Which we Break
Stephen Whitmore 5.6MB/67MB
2017-03-11 Lessons from the Potter
Teifion Jones 5.8MB/70MB
2017-02-11 Daniel's Companions
Joe Chalmers 6.6MB/79MB
2017-01-14 The First of the Week
Bert Cargill 6.2MB/74MB
2017-01-03 The Seven Houses of the Lord in History
Craig Munro 5.6MB/67MB
2017-01-03 The Walk of the Lord in Luke
Colin Hutchison 5.7MB/68MB
2016-12-10 Isaiah 6
Blair Martin 6.1MB/73MB
2016-11-12 Shew me Thy Glory Ian Robertson 6.7/80MB
2016-11-01 Colossians 1 Craig Munro 5.4/65MB
2016-10-25 1 Thessalonians 4
Joe Chalmers 6.2/75MB
2016-10-08 The Mysteries of Scripture Fraser Munro 6.1/73MB
2016-10-04 Ezekiel 34/37 Simon Sherwin 5.3/63MB
2016-05-03 Jehovah's Perfect Servant Blair Martin 5.5/66MB
2016-04-19 Christ the Rock Daniel Rudge 5.4/64MB
2016-03-12 Promises for Pilgrims Herbert Brooks 6.1/54MB
2016-02-13 The House of the Lord in Haggai Gareth Edwards 5.8/70MB
2016-01-09 Little Things Colin Hutchison 6.0/72MB
2016-01-02 Worship Andrew deVille 5.6/68MB
2016-01-02 Failure and Recovery Stuart McGahie 6.0/72MB
2015-12-12 Unseen Things
Bert Cargill 6.2/74MB
2015-10-20 Grace
Bert Cargill 4.0/48MB
2015-11-12 Jehoshaphat
Stephen Whitmore 4.7/57MB
2015-10-10 What a Christian Should be
Joe Chalmers 6.1/73MB
2015-10-06 Abraham
Jeremy Singer 4.4/53MB
2015-09-15 The Spirit of God
Ken Sherwin 6.0/72MB
2015-03-14 John 13
Ian Stewart 5.6/67MB
2015-02-14 Jacob
Peter Brandon 5.6/67MB
2015-01-02 The Pre-eminence of Christ
Blair Martin 5.3/64MB
2015-01-02 The Church of God
Jack Hay 5.5/66MB
2015-01-02 Calvary
Fraser Munro 6.0/72MB
2014-12-13 The Right Hand of God
Bert Cargill 5.5/66MB
2014-10-11 Jehoshaphat
Iain Lewis 6.5/78MB
2014-04-22 The Place of the Name
David Vallance 6.2/74MB
2014-03-08 Micah
Allan Wilson 5.9/71MB
2014-02-08 Amalek
Herbert Brooks 6.2/74MB
2014-01-11 Elijah Blair Martin 5.0/60MB
2014-01-02 Josiah Jim Paterson 6.3/76MB
2014-01-02 Mountains in Song of Solomon Colin Hutchison 5.4/65MB
2013-12-14 1 Peter 1 John Grant 5.9/70MB
2013-11-09 Psalm 22 Andrew DeVille 5.2/63MB
2013-10-12 To Me to Live is Christ Gareth Edwards 6.0/72MB
2013-09-18 The Fulness of the Spirit Peter Brandon 6.2/74MB
2013-09-18 The Spirit of Life Peter Brandon 5.7/68MB
2013-09-17 The Flesh and the Spirit Peter Brandon 6.0/72MB
2013-03-09 How shall they hear - Ministry and Report Graeme Paterson 7.0/85MB
2013-02-09 Hannah Bill Stevely 6.0/72MB
2013-01-02 Glorifying God Bert Cargill 5.2/62MB

2013-01-02 Priorities Tom Wilson 5.4/65MB
2012-12-08 The Eternal John Wright 5.7/69MB
2012-11-10 Home Tei Jones 6.0/72MB
2012-10-13 Asa Joe Chalmers 7.0/84MB
2012-03-10 John the Baptist Paul Richardson 7.1/86MB
2012-03-06 Sonship and Stewardship Joe Chalmers 6.2/75MB
2012-02-11 A Word for Everyone Colin Hutchison 5.6/67MB
2012-01-14 Evangelism Gareth Edwards 6.1/73MB
2012-01-03 Israel and Egypt Dan Gillies 6.9/83MB
2012-01-03 He Gave Himself Andrew deVille 5.3/64MB
2012-01-03 Five Commands of the Lord Stuart McGahie 6.3/76MB
2011-12-10 The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ Jack Hay 6.3/76MB
2011-11-12 3 John Walter Blair 5.6/68MB
2011-10-08 The Obedience of Abraham Stewart McDonald 6.1MB
2011-03-12 Exhortations to Christians Alan Lockhart 6.1MB
2011-02-12 Crowns Raymond McGahie 5.9MB
2011-01-08 Psalm 90 Bert Cargill 6.5MB
2011-01-03 The Local Church in Acts Stephen Arbuthnot 5.9MB
2011-01-03 New Years of Scripture Fraser Munro 6.3MB
2011-01-03 A New Dispensation Robert Thomson 6.3MB
2010-11-13 The Transfiguration Blair Martin 6.2MB
2010-10-09 The House of God Herbert Brooks 5.7MB
2010-03-13 Caleb Ron Salter 5.8MB
2010-02-18 The Disqualification of the Priest John Stubbs 6.8MB
2010-02-17 The Diet of the Priest John Stubbs 6.9MB
2010-02-16 The Duties of the Priest John Stubbs 6.7MB
2010-02-15 The Dress of the Priest John Stubbs 5.9MB
2010-02-13 The Dedication of the Priesthood John Stubbs 6.1MB
2010-01-02 Barnabas Robert Revie 6.4MB
2010-01-02 The Hidden Life Colin Hutchison 6.4MB
2009-12-12 What Think Ye of Christ Bert Cargill 6.4MB
2009-11-14 Citizens of Heaven Sandy Foster 6.8MB
2009-10-10 Resurrection Robert Miller 5.6MB
2009-03-19 Solemn Parables John Grant 5.9MB
2009-03-18 Service Parables John Grant 7.2MB
2009-03-17 Sovereignity Parables John Grant 6.4MB
2009-03-16 Supplication Parables John Grant 6.1MB
2009-03-15 Salvation Parables John Grant 6.6MB
2009-03-14 Servant Parables John Grant 7.0MB
2009-02-14 Precious Promises Andrew deVille 6.0MB
2009-01-10 Stress Management for Christians Paul Richardson 6.7MB
2009-01-02 Be Not Weary in Well-doing Bert Cargill 6.6MB
2009-01-02 The Will of God Jim McMaster 7.4MB
2008-12-13 The Truth of the Christian Life Joe Baxter 6.8MB
2008-11-08 Consideration for others Ian Lewis 6.8MB
2008-10-11 Three Mary's Ian Grant 6.0MB
2008-03-08 The Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ Stephen Grant 5.4MB
2008-02-09 Jesus of Nazareth Douglas Mowatt 6.9MB
2008-01-12 The Beatitudes of Revelation Bert Cargill 6.0MB
2008-01-01 The Inspiration of Scripture Alistair Sinclair 5.9MB
2008-01-02 The Demands of Inspiration Alistair Sinclair 6.3MB

2008-01-02 Remember, Restore, Rejoice David Grant 5.5MB
2007-12-08 The Wrath of God Stephen Arbuthnot 7.7MB
2007-11-10 The Churches in Asia Alan Lockhart 6.5MB
2007-10-13 The Godly Remnant in Luke Dan Gillies 6.4MB

2007-03-10 Isaac - Adversity, Properity and Activity Herbert Brooks 5.8MB
2007-01-13 A Call to Consecration Blair Martin 4.9MB
2007-01-02 Provision for Difficult Days Robert Thomson 5.7MB
2007-01-02 The Day of Atonement Alan Summers 5.6MB
2007-01-02 David's Friends in Difficulty Colin Hutchison 6.0MB
2006-12-09 Luke 14 and Sri Lanka report Jack Hay 6.4MB
2006-11-11 Isaiah's Vision George Meikle 6.5MB
2006-10-14 Nehemiah - The Man and the Book Fraser Munro 5.7MB